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Public Health Centres


  1. Golchakkar Satellite Dispensary, Golchakar, Agartala.
  2. Unnayan Sangha, Satellite Dispensary, Unnayan Sangha, A.D Nagar
  3. Jagaharimura, Satellite Dispensary, Jagaharimura, Agartala
  4. Dhaleswar Satellite Dispensary, Dhaleswar, Agartala
  5. Bhati Abhoynagar Satellite Dispensary, Bhati Abhoynagar,Agartala

Govt. Medical College Control:

Ujan Abhoynagar,Ujan Abhoynagar, Agartala

Ananda Nagar PHC Control :

  1. Aralia Health Sub Centre – Aralia
  2. East Jogendra Nagar Health Sub Centre, East Jogendranagar
  3. Jogendra Nagar health Sub Centre – Jogendranagar,
  4. Dukli Health Sub Centre – Dukli, Agartala
  5. Subash Nagar health Sub Centre – Subash Nagar, Agartala

Narsinghar PHC Control:

  1. Nandannagar, Health Sub Centre, Nandannagar, Agartala
  2. Ichamuah Health Sub Centre, Ichamuah, Agartala

Ranir Bazar PHC Control :

Kashipur Health Sub Centre, Kashipur, Agartala

Madhupur PHC Control :

Rajlaxmi Nagar Health Sub Centre



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